Enchanting mountain hideaway on the river’s edge

Experience the magic of an enchanting mountain retreat nestled along the tranquil river’s edge at Czar Haus. Here, you’ll find the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure in the heart of the rugged West Virginia mountains.

Czar Haus boasts an impressive 2,000 feet of frontage along a pristine trout stream, offering an inviting oasis for fishing, swimming, and unwinding in nature’s embrace. The children can frolic in the refreshing waters all day long. Situated just under 3 miles away lies the charming mountain village of Helvetia, where you can partake in the festivities of Fasnacht, savor the flavors of the renowned Ramp Festival, or savor the delectable home-cooked meals at the beloved Helvetia Hutte.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Beech Mountain Hunting

Club is merely a mile downstream, and the Maple Syrup Festival in Pickens is a mere 6 miles away. Explore the natural wonders of Kumbrabow State Forest, a mere 8 miles away, or venture slightly further to bask in the beauty of Holly River State Park, located just 20 miles from your haven. And if you crave the thrill of the slopes, Snowshoe Resort is just an hour’s drive away.

If you’re an off-road aficionado, Czar Haus is your ideal gateway to adventure. You’ll initially arrive on a well-maintained two-lane highway, but the options for off-road exploration are boundless. Palace Valley, Selbyville, Alton, Pickens, Brooks Hill, and Holly River State Park are a mere glimpse of the destinations you can reach via dirt roads. However, you don’t necessarily need a destination in mind; the hundreds of miles of dirt roads surrounding Czar Haus invite spontaneous exploration. Whether you seek to conquer mountain summits, fish in crystal-clear rivers, or immerse yourself in local fairs and festivals, the possibilities are endless once you leave the pavement behind.

For those times when you need to stay connected or unwind with some entertainment, Czar Haus offers high-speed wireless internet. Whether it’s checking emails, using a VPN to touch base with the office, or simply enjoying a movie on Netflix or Hulu after a day of play, you’ll have the connectivity you need while surrounded by the majesty of the mountains.

Here at Czar Haus, you’ll rediscover the beauty of majestic mountains, the brilliance of starry skies, and the soothing melody of the river’s gentle flow. Reconnect with nature at this unforgettable retreat. With over 2,000 feet of frontage on a native Brook Trout and stocked Rainbow Trout stream, you can immerse yourself in angling adventures. For those who prefer land-based exploration, there are countless miles of backroads awaiting discovery, perfect for horseback riding, ATV adventures, or scenic hikes.

Don’t forget to savor the authentic Swiss home-cooking at the Helvetia Hutte Restaurant, just 3 miles away. Nearby Pickens hosts the Ramp and Maple Syrup festivals, adding to the list of experiences awaiting you at Czar Haus.